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CAPTCHA Typing Tips

CAPTCHA Typing Tips. Hello my brothers all! Waah, kitchen set malang pas banget nih on new year's Eve to welcome the arrival of the year of 2012, surely my brothers all've no planning or hopes for 2012. But, rather than new year's Eve is not a command or diem aja mending at home, my brothers all studied or read – read the book let me adding their knowledge. Hehehe. Well, this time I create CAPTCHA Typing Tips that can apply to all my brothers. Because CAPTCHA Typing quite difficult also to my brothers who are less conscientious. Many benefit from CAPTCHA Typing Tips, let alone make my brothers the Nge-Kaskus. Hahaha ... Okay without much further ADO, please read about Tips to type the CAPTCHA:D

Figure: example of a CAPTCHA

Previously, for my brothers who have yet to understand about the notion of CAPTCHA, please read about the notion of CAPTCHA on my previous article/post. Here only specifically for the CAPTCHA that uses text. Instead of CAPTCHA images, or audio/video.

Things to note in the type the CAPTCHA:

Text CAPTCHA that will be produced, specifically for two (2) words only. Does not apply to text CAPTCHA that only one (1) said.
Once again I remind CAPTCHA Typing Tips, this only applies to the CAPTCHA-Text or words.
Large (capital) or small letter has no effect alias can be typed with capital letters or not.
Remember, if you mistyped the CAPTCHA letters even though only one letter, then input the CAPTCHA text is considered wrong or FAILED. So, look carefully Yes:)
I do not guarantee this CAPTCHA Typing Tips work 100%.

Okay, go with the steps or step-step of this CAPTCHA Typing Tips. I take for example the website of Kaskus ( because this forum more often dikunjugi by the user and the example of several other websites. The following the steps:

Note the CAPTCHA will you go through:P
Type or enter only one (1) word in the CAPTCHA huruf-hurufnya trying to compounded or disguised as COVERED the LINE or PATTERN, or ITALIC, or OBLIQUE font was covered like an INK SPILL exposed.
Type then enter the inputs.

Note the words or text contained on the CAPTCHA! On the CAPTCHA at the bottom, there are 118 number and CIESNE.

Image: example CAPTCHA pasa Kaskus

Well, so that typing faster and right CAPTCHA, you need only type in the input CIESNE only. NO NEED to type in the number 118. Then the server or website Kaskus judge you as a human being.

Image: results post on Threads Kaskus

Here is an example screenshot on another website that I have tried.

On the CAPTCHA on this website, you only need to enter the input GESTRUR. Anyone know the word not in front of the word GESTRUR? :D

Figure: example of a CAPTCHA at

Then in the CAPTCHA below, you just need to input the word YMETEC.

Image: example another CAPTCHA

Well, whether my brothers all have gotten a clear picture about this CAPTCHA Typing Tips? Remember, Tips are typing CAPTCHAS is applicable on the website or any server that uses a CAPTCHA system, two words as in the example above.

Okay, the article from me regarding the CAPTCHA Typing Tips. Sorry, with all the flaws that exist in the article as well as this blog. Suggestions and criticisms that builds from older brother are all extremely beneficial to the progress of this blog.
Thank You! :)

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